Norwood Clark is one of four owners and cousins bringing traditional down-home New Orleans flavors to Los Angeles. A native of Louisiana, his family used to cook for the legendary Commander’s Palace Restaurant in New Orleans, and now Darrow’s offers a healthier version of their ancestor’s cuisine. The eatery has been featured for 9 years in the Los Angeles Magazine Times Best Of, 4 years in the Los Angeles Magazine, Best of the Food Network and countless more programs. Their new venue offers breakfast and lunch featuring Darrow’s award winning Cajon/Creole recipes.

Their first location, Uncle Darrow’s Cajun/Creole Eatery opened their doors 22 years ago on Venice Boulevard and again in Marina Del Rey on February 6, 1999. Norwood’s desire to expand and stay true to the News Orleans style and taste led him and his cousins to create a brand new concept – Darrow’s New Orleans Grill is the first ever fast casual dining experience with a full bar and an Official Rum Bar.

“With the assistance of VEDC providing construction, marketing, and working capital, we were able to create and launch a new fast food concept with a full bar called Darrow’s New Orleans Grill,” said Norwood.

Through the technical assistance provided by Watts Accelerator and financing from VEDC, Darrow’s New Orleans Grill, the family’s second location was able to open. As a proud supporter of Norwood Clark and the 25 new jobs he has already created in the Carson area, the we celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and the growth of small businesses as the future of socio-economic support for years to come.