The Watts Entrepreneur Business Accelerator (WEBA) was born out of the need for jobs and businesses in the Watts community. Councilwoman Maxine Waters envisioned a program that supported local businesses and provided entrepreneurship training to the local area and citizens of Watts. Two organizations stood apart from the rest: VEDC, a non-profit small business lender in Los Angeles, and Macedonia CDC, the community development arm of Macedonia Church of Los Angeles. Both organizations share a similar mission of building sustainable business in under-served neighborhoods and creating strong jobs for minority and low-income families.

Through Maxine Waters’ guidance and the partnership of VEDC and Macedonia, Watts Entrepreneur Business Accelerator has grown to become the largest provider of business development services in Watts, Los Angeles. The accelerator’s mission is to provide training and support to small businesses so that disenfranchised communities like Watts begin to develop sustainable business environments that can be easy replicated.

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